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We are the number one provider for SEND tuition in our area, delivering high-quality, individualised learning programmes which support the mental well-being of our pupils and their families.


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Our highly experienced consultants provide positive, solution-driven support, advice and training on a wide range of SEND areas.


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Our free coffee meetings allow parents and carers to find support in a safe and friendly environment where they feel listened to, respected and understood.

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Ten Tips To Help Prepare Your Child For Their Return To School.

Now lockdown is easing, the Government have said that children must return to school in September.  Schools have been busy interpreting the Government advice and the term “bubble” now has a new meaning in our society.  For children and families, the last months are likely to have been tough.  The majority of children will have missed socialising with their friends and some will have missed the routine of school.  It is likely that children and young people will have varying degrees of anxiety about returning to school in the same way that some adults may have felt that anxiety when returning to work.  For children, their anxiety may be compounded by any anxiety they observe in their parents or other adults within their family.  We hope that these 10 tips will help to prepare your child (and you) for the transition back to school.

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Using Dobble as an Educational Resource.

Dobble is a great game for anyone of any age to play.  There are 55 cards and each card has 8 symbols.  Every card shares only one symbol with every other card and the idea of the game is to identify those symbols which are matched.  It is fun, fast-paced and can help to develop lots of skills such as concentration, observation and processing speed.  Dobble can also be used, in many different ways, as an educational resource.  It is a really versatile game!

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Ten Books To Help You Support Your Child With Anxiety.

Many children and young people feel anxiety at different points of their lives but sometimes that anxiety can become difficult to manage and can affect their everyday lives.  The books below can provide information, understanding, support and advice to help you and your child manage their anxiety.  It is important that when using any of the books on this list, parents/carers read through the book before using it with a child/young person; parent/carer support is given to the child/young person as they work through the activities; tasks are revisited or discussed to reinforce the strategies they promote.  It is also very important to note that if your child is struggling with severe anxiety or you as a parent/carer are finding it difficult to support them, you should please seek medical advice.

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