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How will you benefit from working with our SEND Consultants?

When working with our SEND consultants you will benefit from the support of a dedicated, experienced professional with whom you can discuss, openly and honestly, any queries or concerns you have in relation to your child’s education without fear of judgement. You will have more information and knowledge to use to inform future decisions relating to your child’s education and well-being and also your future discussions with schools and other services. Most importantly, you will feel listened to, respected, valued and understood. We provide this service for and through our sister company "Talk About SEND CIC". For more detailed information of the services offered, please see the Talk About SEND CIC website -

Services available:

  • SEND Meeting advocacy/mediation
  • 1:1 SEND consultation meetings
  • Young carer referrals
  • PIP/DLA form completion
  • SEND information and advice
  • EHCP support
  • Home education advice
  • Action planning
  • Signposting

Positive Support

We are all aware that the education system is stretched to breaking point in many areas including provision and services for special educational needs and disabilities. We will try to help you find support and work towards solutions in a positive way, keeping in mind the current system and funding restrictions. We feel it is very important for us to maintain a positive outlook to help our clients.

Education Professionals
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