Frequently Asked Questions

Do your tutors have DBS checks?

Yes all of our tutors are DBS checked – you can ask to see a copy of their DBS certificate. In addition, our tutors are reference checked and provide evidence of public liability insurance.

How long are tutoring sessions?

The majority of our sessions are an hour in length. Sometimes sessions can be longer if required but this will depend upon the age of your child and whether we feel they would be able to maintain concentration for the length of time requested. On the rare occasion that sessions are shorter than one hour, these will be charged at our hourly rate because the same level of planning and resourcing is required.

Does tutoring take place during the school holidays?

We offer tutoring during the school holidays with the exception of the Christmas break. We are happy for you to decide whether or not you would like your child to receive tutoring during the school holidays and will organise this with you before tutoring starts. Some children benefit from having a break while for others, the routine is important. For those working towards particular exams or tests, some holiday tutoring may be helpful.

Can my child have fortnightly sessions?

We believe that in order for tutoring to be purposeful and successful it needs to occur on a weekly basis. The development of a positive and trusting relationship between our tutor and your child is extremely important and regular sessions are key to this. In addition, learning information is lost if tutoring happens less frequently, limiting the progress which can be made – this does not give you good value for money.

Do you offer group sessions?

Our sessions are all 1:1 or very occasionally 1:2 if tutoring twins or friends who have similar needs and abilities. We do not offer group tutoring. We work very closely with our pupils and their families and feel this special and valued relationship would be compromised in a group situation.

Do you offer online tutoring?

We are happy to discuss this with you if it is a requirement. We can offer tutoring through Skype or FaceTime however we would need to make sure that by doing so we would not compromise our high level of quality. Considerations include the age of the pupil, which subject is required and if there are any special educational needs or disabilities.

Do you give homework?

We generally do not give homework however we are happy to discuss this with you if you feel it would benefit your child. On occasion, we may suggest activities, apps or other resources that could assist your child outside of our sessions.

Do you provide feedback on tutoring sessions?

It is very important that we work together with our families and providing feedback is part of this. Our tutors will have a brief discussion with you, if you are available, at the end of each session. You will also be provided with a short report in December, April and July. If you require any specific feedback regarding your child’s tutoring the following options are available: speak to your tutor at the beginning of your child’s session; make a telephone appointment with your tutor; email or message either your tutor or tutoring manager.

Do I need to provide any resources for my child’s tutoring sessions?

We provide all resources including stationery and text books for our students.

How long will my child need tutoring?

All children are different with different tutoring needs which is why our sessions are tailored and personalised for every individual. Before tutoring begins, we will discuss your expectations including how long you require tutoring for your child. Some children may be working towards a particular exam or test so in these situations the length of time is determined by the exam or test dates. In other circumstances, we maintain a good level of communication with you and review the need for tutoring on a regular basis. If we feel that your child no longer requires tutoring or would benefit from a tutoring break, we will discuss this with you.

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