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Kent Test - our ethos:

We are very experienced in supporting children and their parents through the Kent Test process.  
In our opinion, the purpose of Kent Test tutoring is to prepare your child for the test.  This involves learning how to approach the different sorts of questions that are in the verbal and non-verbal tests which are not covered at school and strengthening literacy and numeracy skills for the maths and English papers.  We also work on time management as the tests require speed which some children can find quite challenging.  We help to put children at ease, give them confidence, resilience and the best chance to pass.  

It is our belief that to pass the Kent Test, a child has to have the underlying ability and potential to do so.  We will always put the needs and well-being of your child first so if we believe they may not pass, we will discuss this with you so you are able to make an informed decision.  Often parents choose to continue with tutoring because their child is happy and they want to give the test a try.  Ultimately we want the same thing as you which is for your children to be happy in the right school for them.  What tutoring offers is the opportunity to prepare and practise - it provides the best chance of passing.

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