Our bespoke mentoring service aims to improve self-confidence as well as developing life and communication skills

What do we mean by mentoring?

For us, mentoring is supporting and developing a child or young person in relation to a particular target or area of need.  Our mentors provide a "friendly ear" to our students, giving encouragement and positivity to helping improve confidence and well-being. Mentoring may be weekly but can also take place at other intervals depending on what is required. We can also arrange ad-hoc sessions.

What can we offer?

As with all our services, we can create and build a package of support which meets the individual needs of your child.  Here are some examples of mentoring support we can offer but if you require anything specific, please do contact us.

  • Body image work
  • Social skill development
  • Life skill development
  • Personal supporter and advocate - we allow your child to be who they are and listen to what they think-we are on their side.
  • Increasing activity - supporting your child to leave the house and become more active
  • LGBTQIA+ support
  • Transition and progression - support with job applications, interviews, 
  • College and university support

Primary / Secondary Pupils
Mental Wellbeing Support
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