Primary Pupils

Encouraging, motivating and improving confidence in our primary learners

Key Stage 1:

We are very happy to discuss your requirements but we will only tutor KS1 pupils if we believe the tuition will be of significant benefit to them either academically or emotionally.  

A tutoring session for a KS1 child will generally incorporate phonics, reading, writing, numeracy and fine motor skills.  The session will be broken down into small parts to help maintain concentration and interest.  We use high quality resources including educational games which engage our pupils and promote enjoyment of learning.

Key Stage 2:

For children in KS2, the focus of our sessions will usually be based on developing literacy skills, numeracy skills or both.  All sessions are planned to meet the individual needs and interests of your child and our tutors will use a range of activities to ensure your child enjoys their learning.

Developing mental well-being:

For some KS2 children life can become a challenge and they may feel anxious or worried.  We can work with your child and provide positive support to help them recognise and understand  these feelings, build resilience and develop strategies to support their mental well-being.

Secondary Pupils
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