Secondary Pupils

Supporting your child with the challenges of school and everyday life

Key Stage 3:

For children in KS3, our sessions will usually have a single subject or area of focus.   For those young people needing support in more than one subject, for example English and Mathematics, we may suggest alternating subjects on a weekly basis.  We can also provide homework support for subjects across the curriculum.  

Developing mental well-being:

For some KS3 children, the many changes they experience when starting secondary education can be overwhelming and they may feel anxious or worried.  We can work with your child and provide positive support to help them recognise and understand  these feelings, build resilience and develop strategies to support their mental well-being.

Key Stage 4 and GCSEs:

We support learning in many GCSE or IGCSE subjects.  In GCSE sessions, our tutors will explore key areas of learning and work through exam style questions with your child.  They will assist your child to organise and prioritise their time in relation to the completion of coursework and revision.  In addition, our tutors will reassure your child, listen to their concerns and help them to manage any anxieties they may have about their exams.

We currently have experience of tutoring the following GCSE and IGCSE subjects:

•English Language
•English Literature
•Mathematics (Foundation and Higher)
•Science (Foundation)
•Business Studies
•Religious Studies

If you require tutoring in a different subject, please contact us and we will do our best to meet your request.

Functional Skills:

We are able to provide tutoring for both English and Mathematics Functional Skills from Entry Level to Level 2.

Primary Pupils
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