Pop Its come in various shapes, sizes and colours. Like bubble wrap you can poke at each “bubble” turning it inside out which makes it completely re-usable. It is audible as it makes popping noises when used but it is possible to use this fidget toy quietly. 

Mini POP ITS - £2.50, POP ITS (various sizes) from £4.50, Giant POP ITS - £6.99


The Mood Octopus is a soft, cuddly toy capable of expressing a person’s mood without them having to say a word. They are comfortable to hold and are small enough to sit nicely on your desk.  Coming in various colours, you turn them inside out to reflect what mood you wish to show.

Plush Mood Octopus - £5.50


Infinity Cubes are small handheld cubes that open, twist and return into the shape of a cube. They are smooth to the touch, hardly generate noise and can be fiddled with whilst doing other things like watching TV or listening to music.

Infinity Cube - £2.99


The Pea Popper is a small, hand-held fidget toy that works by simply pushing the peas out of the pod. Each pea has a cute face which peeks out at you before popping back into the pod alongside its friends. The pea popper is a quiet fidget toy that can require a lot of strength to work properly so this toy might not be appropriate for young children.

Pea Popper - £1.50


Fidget Pads are a fidget toy that can be held comfortably in your hands whilst you make use of the multitude of dials, joysticks, switches and buttons at your disposal. Capable of being held either horizontally or vertically, this fidget toy can be solely focused on or used whilst doing other things.

Fidget Pad - £3.99


Tangles are colourful fidget toys that can be twisted and untwisted. Capable of being pulled apart, you can add or take away the links of this fidget toy to your hearts content. Tangles come in a multitude of textures and styles such as metallic, animal print or classic. They can also be noisy depending upon how they are used.

Tangles - £2.00


Gooballz Balls are one of many types of stress ball, working purely via squeezing to help alleviate stress and anger.  Gooballz can come in a variety of colours and styles besides bead, such as glitter and sequin.

Gooballz Bead Ball - £3.00, Gooballz Glitter Ball - £3.00, Goobalz Sequin Ball - £3.00


A Push Popper Fidget Spinner is a combination of fidget spinner and pop its. It is a colourful, handheld fidget toy capable of working in many different ways since you can spin it, push the poppers or make an amusing game out of trying to do both at once.

Push Poppers Fidget Spinner - £3.00


Magic Snakes are a smooth, colourful fidget toy that is twisted from a compact cube into an origami style snake. Magic Snakes are made up of links that can be twisted and turned to form wild shapes and generate infuriating fun.

3D Magic Snakes - £2.50


Rotating rings are a small handheld fidget toy that can be used either with one hand or two and works by pushing the rings around one another.

Rotating Rings - £1.00